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2 pairs of nike inflict 3 wrestling shoes

Nike inflicts are one of the most sought after lines of wreslting shoes on the market in 2020 and likely will be for years to come.  Inflicts can be set apart by "the inflict wave", or the pattern on the bottom of the shoe.  Nike inflicts all feature the same soles as well that very few other Nike models have had.

Nike inflicts are a shoe that's been growing more and more in popularity since about a decade ago when Nike released the Inflict 2s.  The Inflict 2s sold like crazy, as well as the 3s, but the 3s aren't shoes you'll make a lot of money on since they're still on the market today.

A Few Inflicts:

Original Inflicts & OG Reissue Inflicts: What's The Difference?

Original inflicts and original reissues are extremely similar in design.  The way to tell the two apart from one another is that the reissues have a "Lace Pocket" on the tongue vs just a stitched red Nike tag, as seen in the picture below.

og reissue inflicts

Both the original inflicts and "OG reissues" came in a red/black, blue/black, and red/black colorways.  The blue/black and red/black also have a significant difference in that the soles on the reissues are the color of the shoe (red or blue) and the soles on the originals are the tan "gum" soles found on all of the black colorways.  The "gum sole" that' used on black original and reissue inflicts, as well as all of the original colorways is pictured below

gum inflict soles

The colorway you'll see most often of both the Originals and the Reissue Nike Inflicts is black and gold.  They are all black, with a gold Nike Swoosh. The indicator on whether or not you have the originals is the lace pocket.  For the red and black or blue and black colorways, the originals have a tan sole, and the reissues have red or blue sole to match the rest of the shoe.

Pictured below is a pair of black and gold reissue inflicts.

nike original reissue inflict wrestling shoes in black and gold

Pictured below is a pair of red reissue Nike inflicts. These are not originals because they have red soles, not tan.

red and black og reisssue nike inflicts

And lastly, pictured below is a pair of blue reissue original inflicts. You can tell these are not originals because the sole is blue, not tan.

Original inflicts and OG reissues are typically in the same price range.  In a size 8.5-11.5, a pair in perfect condition will likely bring you anywhere from $350-$600.

Olympic Edition: Real vs. Replicas

In this inflict line are also the Olympic Inflicts.  The Olympic Inflicts are incredibly rare, however, replicas were made and sold on foreign sites, such as alibaba and a few others. Most Olympic Inflicts on the market anymore are not real and are "reps", short for replicas.

The biggest difference between regular and Olympic edition inflicts is that the Olympic Edition have a much larger Nike sign, as pictured below.

Real Olympic Edition inflicts came in the following colorways (as far as I know):

  • Black with Gold Nike Sign
  • Black with White Nike Sign
  • Red and White
  • Red with Gold Nike Sign
  • Blue with white Nike Sign
  • Blue with Gold Nike Sign
  • Lime Green and Black (known as "Volts")
  • Yellow with Black Nike Sign

All OE inflicts have the tan sole.  Please note that just because they are the colorways above, doesn't mean they're real. If you don't know whether you have real or fake OE inflicts 99% of the time they're fakes.

The fakes came in A TON of colorways.  The biggest difference is the feal of these shoes. The real OE inflicts are sturdy shoes with quality soles, whereas the replicas are not. The soles feel thin, even when they're brand new.

A brand new with box pair of OE rep inflicts still can be worth around $200-$300 since people love the look of these shoes.  If you have the real OEs, you're looking at anywhere from $400-$1000 in good condition, with size and overall condition being the main factor in that price range.

Inflict 2s and 3s: Are They Worth Anything

Yes, they are.  Inflict 2s, also known as OG Reissues, can be worth a few hundred dollars in good shape. Inflict 3s are still sold on the open market, so give it your best guess on their worth.  If you're really lucky and have Inflict 2s in the grey and yellow colorway (as pictured below) you could be looking at around $400-$600, assuming they're in good condition.  The first edition of the inflict 3, which were the blue/black, red/black, and grey/black are the most valuable colorways.

yellow inflict wrestling shoes

Interested in Buying OG, OE, or Reissue, or Yellow Inflicts?

If you're interested in purchasing a pair of inflicts, please check my Nike Inventory. It's constantly rotating with rare Nike shoes such as inflicts. I've owned every colorway of OG inflicts in the past.

Most owners of rare shoes are collectors and are willing to sell their shoes for the right price, so hit up eBay, Instagram and Facebook wrestling shoe groups!

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