Please note that I do buy and sell old shoes.  I currently own, or have owned, all products on this site.  Some products I own may not be listed.

Feel free to make an offer to trade or buy for any of the shoes I have listed. If they're gone, most of the time I will have that noted in the product description.

Please note that not all shoes on this site are available for the price that they're listed for.  Before all else, I am a collector.  Given how hard some of these shoes are to find, I keep many of them for my collection.  Many of these shoes may not be for sale or trade at the current moment, despite what the product pages say. I am using this website as a place to showcase my shoes AND to test a few theories I have about getting websites to rank on Google.

For my full-time Job, I work in the digital marketing industry to help businesses grow through the web.  This includes implementing SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to get websites to rank higher on Google.  At this point in my career, I rarely get to work with brand new websites to study how rankings are influenced from the time a website launches, so  I'm using this site as a way to do that.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me!