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Adidas G-Response Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | April 28, 2022
3 colors of adidas g response wrestling shoes

G-Response wrestling shoes were made as a response to the discontinuation of the Adidas Grapplers.  All 3 pair that I own have tongues that are dated with the year of 1999, making these shoes over 2 decades old.  G-Responses have a classic Adidas look, with the large 3 stripes.  This was a popular style for the…

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Adidas Grappler Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | April 28, 2022
Adidas Grappler Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Grappler wrestling shoes, commonly referred to as “Grapps”, were made in the late 1990s.  These shoes were discontinued after being produced.  Rumors today are that the heal was too low on the shoe. 2 of the 4 Grappler Colorways: Grapplers came in four colorways.  They were: White & Black Red, White and Black Gold,…

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Asics Pursuit 1 Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | April 28, 2022
3 of 4 colorways of asics pursuit 1 wrestling shoes

Pursuits, commonly referred to as P1s, are the first of 2 versions of the Pursuit wrestling shoe line.  This shoe was released around the turn of the century and is one of the most popular shoes of its time.  P1s were worn by Athletes such as 2000 Olympic Champ Brandon Slay and Olympic Silver Sammie…

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Nike Takedown Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | April 27, 2022
3 pairs of nike takedown wrestling shoes

Pictured above from top to bottom are 1995 Takedown Supremes, Takedown Supreme 2s, and Takedown 5s.  The most recent version of the Nike Takedown line is Takedown 5s, but the line started back in 1995 with the original Nike Takedown Supremes.  The newest takedowns, Takedown 5s, were worn by Olympic Champion David Taylor in his…

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Custom Wrestling Shoes – A Beginner’s Guide

By Nolan Barger | April 26, 2022
customized wrestling shoes

Pic credit to: https://www.instagram.com/drewrestler_shoes/ Custom wrestling shoes are exactly what they sound like, they’re shoes that are customized by the owners or professionals who specialize in this art to be unique to the person ordering them.  This could be swapping out an old sole on a shoe with a new sole from another shoe after…

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Nike Footsweep Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | March 31, 2022
both colorways of nike footsweep wrestling shoes

Nike Footsweeps were designed to compete with the Adidas Combat Speeds in the mid 1990s.  They feature a split sole that was only used on a handful of Nike shoes ever released. These shoes are designed with a lightweight mesh and synthetic upper.  They also feature a non-slip sockliner for enhanced stability. Below are what the two…

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Adidas Elite International Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | February 4, 2022
adidas elite international wrestling shoes

Elite Internationals were made by Adidas in the late 1990s.  I haved owned 5 pair of these, all dated to 1995 on their tongues.  Below are images of the two colorways with links to pairs I own/have owned.  There are two versions of the purple, white and yellow colorway, which are both pictured below. About…

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Adidas Combat Speed Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | February 2, 2022
adidas combat speed wrestling shoes 8 models pictured

Adidas Combat Speeds are one of the most iconic shoe lines of all time.  Pictured above are 8 of many model/colorways of Combat Speeds.  The leftmost red and black pair are originals.  The black and white pair and all blue pair are colorways of the most recent release, Combat Speed 5s. Combat Speeds have been…

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Where to Find BIG Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | January 25, 2022
huge size 18 wrestling shoes

Big wrestling shoes can be extremely difficult to find.  About a year ago, I had an Athletic Director at a school in Minnesota reach out to me asking if I knew where they could find a pair of size 17 wrestling shoes for an athlete.  This took “Rare” wrestling shoes to a whole new level,…

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The Best Wrestling Shoes

By Nolan Barger | June 22, 2021
best wrestling shoes of all time shoe pile

A question I commonly answer on social media and through my website is “What are the best wrestling shoes?“ This question comes sometimes from those new to the sport and sometimes it comes from high-level wrestlers looking for the rarest pair of shoes out there. For this reason, I divided this post into 2 sections.  You…

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Nike Inflict Wrestling Shoes Guide

By Nolan Barger | May 14, 2020
2 pairs of nike inflict 3 wrestling shoes

Nike inflicts are one of the most sought after lines of wreslting shoes on the market in 2020 and likely will be for years to come.  Inflicts can be set apart by “the inflict wave”, or the pattern on the bottom of the shoe.  Nike inflicts all feature the same soles as well that very…

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Rulon Wrestling Shoes – A Complete Guide

By Nolan Barger | March 25, 2020
rulon wrestling shoes 2 pair

Rulon Wrestling Shoes – A Complete Guide Rulon wrestling shoes were released in the early 2000s and named after the 2000 Olympic champ Rulon Gardner.  Rulon Gardner was known for dethroning Aleksandr Karelin of Russia in the Greco-Roman Olympic Finals in 2000.  Karelin was unbeaten for 13 years in international wrestling and had won 3 Olympic titles,…

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Kolat Wrestling Shoes – A Complete Guide

By Nolan Barger | January 29, 2020
3 versions of kolat wrestling shoes

Former wrestling prodigy Cary Kolat was one of few wrestlers to ever receive a shoe deal from Nike.  Kolat was a 2000 U.S. Olympian, as well as a world finalist and 2x NCAA champ. In college, he attended Penn State University where he earned All-American honors twice.  He then transferred to Lock Haven and won…

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