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Rare Reebok Wrestling Shoes

Reebok wrestling shoes haven't been made since the turn of the century, so they're extremely difficult to find.  Below is my inventory of reebok shoes.



The shoes posted above are two models of Reebok wrestling shoes.  I have owned two other styles of Reeboks, so I know more exist.  However, I can't say I personally know a whole lot about this brand of wrestling shoes.  They were made in the 90s, and there were very few styles available. My guess is that there are less than 5 styles of Reebok wrestling shoes ever made.

I don't recall many people with these shoes, ever, so my guess is that Reebok stopped making them since they didn't sell enough to profit from keeping the line.  Pictured in this collection are 2 pairs of brand new with box Reebok shoes. It will be hard to ever find another pair of these shoes in brand new condition.