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Shop our entire collection of wrestling shoes. specializes in finding and selling used wrestling shoes that vary in price, size, condition, and rareness. We offer used shoes from all leading wrestling shoe brands including NikeAdidas, and Asics. Browse our constantly changing inventory of used wrestling shoes below.

Most of the shoes that you will find on this site are difficult to find on the second-hand market. The vast majority of shoes I sell are discontinued. Some of the shoes you will find have been discontinued for more than 20 years.  I specialize in finding these shoes and matching them with a new owner to enjoy for years to come.

Things To Keep in Mind When Buying Discontinued Used Wrestling Shoes

  • All shoes I sell will list any flaws in the description and have images of them. Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to find some of these shoes in like brand new condition. Some discontinued shoes can sell for more than $2000 when they are in brand new or like brand new condition.
  • If there are any flaws on a pair of shoes you're interested in, you still have options. There are many skilled collectors who specialize in custom shoes and bringing old shoes back to life. Through a process called "Sole Swapping", you can simply sew a sole off of a new pair of shoes onto an old pair and wear them for years to come.  If you're interested in this option, I'm happy to refer you to someone who can help you customize the shoes with a new sole.
  • I will do my best to accurately describe the condition of any shoes I sell, as well as provide clear pictures.  Unfortunately, when buying old wrestling shoes, it can be hard to gauge the life left in them.  At one point about 5 years ago, I actually bought a pair of brand new Kolat Internationals, and the sole blew out the first time I wore them due to dry rot. If there are any issues I find with a shoe, I will be sure to let you know.  After purchase, the shoes are yours. You assume responsibility for them and I will not accept returns due to you having buyer's remorse.
  • My inventory is constantly changing. All shoes I buy will be listed on this site, however, I will not hunt down used shoes for others. If you're looking for a particular pair of shoes, check back in a month or two or continue your search on platforms such as eBay!

Questions About Wrestling Shoes?

If you have any questions regarding any of the used wrestling shoes listed on this site, or if you'd like additional information, feel free to click here to view my contact page.