Rare Nike Wrestling Shoes

Nike has always been one of my favorite brands of wrestling shoes.  I always keep a handful of Nikes in my collection.  My 1995 Nike Takedown Supremes were actually the very first shoe I bought when I started collecting rare wrestling shoes.  My love for shoe collecting stemmed from my need to hunt down a pair of Kolat Speeds during my sophomore year of high school.  Nike is known for making great wrestling shoes that scale in value as the years pass by.  Please note that not all of these Nike wrestling shoes are for sale as some of them are part of my personal collection and others have already sold.



Rarest Nike Wrestling Shoes I've Owned

There are numerous wrestling shoes that come to mind when I think of rare Nikes that I have owned. Below are just a handful of pairs that have made their way through my collection over the years.

These are all shoes I'm constantly on the hunt for, so if you're looking for a pair not listed, then check back at a later date! They may just be listed on this page. All Nike shoes for sale include free shipping if they're still in stock and bought at the asking price.

Newer Nike Wrestling Shoe Models

If you're looking for newer shoes that Nike sells, which will be more affordable, just do a simple Google search or look on Amazon.  My personal favorite shoes by Nike on the market right now include:

  • Nike Freeks. These shoes are extremely comfortable and one of the most durable Nikes released in quite some time. There is a reason college matches are flooded with wrestlers rocking this shoe.
  • Nike Inflicts.  Arguably the most iconic line of Nike wrestling shoes ever made (only to be compared with Kolats in my opinion).  These are available from numerous retailers online and this design has truly stood the test of time.
  • Nike Hypersweeps. I have wide feet so I wasn't as big of fan of these shoes since they seemed to be very narrow. However, they are awesome looking shoes and a favorite among many high-level wrestlers.

At times, I will have the shoes above in my inventory, however, they don't normally stay long. I specialize in collecting rare shoes, and since these are still available to the public, they aren't usually at the top of my buying list.

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Make an Offer on My Nike Wrestling Shoes

Discontinued Nike Wrestling shoes are tough to find, because they often go up in value very quickly. If you see a pair on the site you like, simply contact me to make an offer.  Most prices on this site are not firm and there is room for negotiation. If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of a particular pair of Nikes listed, I'm happy to send additional images or videos of the shoes if needed.