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About Nike Takedown Wrestling Shoes

The most recent Nike Takedowns are Takedown 5s, but the line started back in 1995 with the original Nike Takedown Supremes.  The newest takedowns, Takedown 5s, were worn by Olympic Champion David Taylor in his time at PSU, though they weren't very popular compared to the Nike Inflict 2s that were released around the same time.

Colorways And Models of Nike Takedowns

Despite Takedown 5s being the most recent, Nike Takedowns actually have 6 models, wtih the 1995 Takedowns being slightly altered for the 1996 Olympic Games.

The colorways and models of NIke Takedowns are below.

1995 Takedown Supremes (The Original version)

  • Red, Black and White.

These came in only 1 colorway and have a smaller Nike sign than the 1996 Takedown Supremes.  They have the same sole and design, but were dominantly black with only red trim on the shoes.

1996 Takedown Supremes (Made for the 1996 Olympics)

  • Black, red, and white
  • Black, blue, and white
  • Black and white with blue on the rubber used for the soles

These shoes have a larger Nike sign than the 1995 takedowns, and on the red/black colorway, the red is also part of the upper, not just the trim of the shoes.

Takedown Supreme 2s
  • Black and White with a neon yellow rubber on the sole
  • Orange, Black, and Light Grey

The takedown 2s came in 2 colorways.  The orange is the rarest.  

These shoes feature the same sole as Nike Footsweeps.  

Nike Takedown Supreme 3

  • Black, white, and grey
  • Blue, white, and grey

Takedown 3s were released at the same time of the Kolat 2k4s, which can be seen here.  This version, though very cool looking and comfortable, feature one of the worst soles of all time in my opinion.  The Takedown 3s are very hard to find in good condition because the soles blew out very easily.  These were the first version of the Nike Takedown line to feature a lace cover, which was a strap across the top of the shoe.

Nike Takedown 4

  • Black, white and grey
  • White and Black

The two colorways of the Takedown 4s were both dominantly black and white, just reversed colors.  These featured the Nike 360 sole used on Speed Elites, and they were released around the same time as the Speed Elites and also the original Nike Freeks.  These are very similar to Nike Freeks in my opinion.  The one thing I love about the Takedown 4s is that the sole lasts for years.   This shoe is much more durable than their predecessor, the Takedown 3s.

A fun fact about the Takedown 4s is that they were also sampled in an orange, black, and grey colorway.  This sample colorway sells for 3-4x what the released colorways typically do.

Nike Takedown 5

  • Black and white
  • Navy blue and white
  • All white with black Nike signs
  • All black
  • Grey, lime green, and black
  • Orange and black
  • Orange, white and black
  • Blue and lime green

These shoes came in more colorway than any other Takedown prior.  However, most of them were not great sellers due to Nike Inflicts being released in similar colorways around the same time.  Nike Inflicts have a very similar design, including a lace gaurd and the same sole.  Nike released a lot of really plain colorways for this shoe, there are quite a few colorways only featuring black and white or blue and white.

Despite not being the most popular Nike shoe of their time, wrestlers such as David Taylor and Alex Marinelli both rocked these shoes at some point in their college career.  I'd expect this shoe to grow significantly in value over the next decade since a lot of the colorways weren't best-sellers by any means, despite the shoe being pretty unique and durable.