Rulon Wrestling Shoes – A Complete Guide

Rulon Wrestling Shoes - A Complete Guide

asic rulon gardner wrestling shoes red pair and gold pair

Rulon wrestling shoes were released in the early 2000s and named after the 2000 Olympic champ Rulon Gardner.  Rulon Gardner was known for dethroning Aleksandr Karelin of Russia in the Greco-Roman Olympic Finals in 2000.  Karelin was unbeaten for 13 years in international wrestling and had won 3 Olympic titles, as well as 9 World Championships prior to this loss. Rulon's victory is known as one of the greatest upsets in wrestling history, which is why his signature is on one of the most desired shoes to this day.


Rulon wrestling shoes came in the following colorways:

  • Gold and Black, which are typically the highest valued.
  • Blue, Silver and Black, which are known as "Brulons"
  • Orange, grey and black
  • Red and black

The gold/black and red/black colorways were released first. About one year later, Asics introduced the Orange colorway and Blue colorway.  Every colorway except for the Orange is known for having a shiny Asics logo on the side. Check out the video below the put out back in 2008 on these awesome shoes! It's extremely rare nowadays to find any Rulon shoe in the brand new condition as seen in the video!

Are Rulon's Worth The Money?

Yes. I bought my first pair of Rulon's when I was a sophomore in high school and I bought them slightly used. I still have them to this day.  I wore them for an entire summer and 2 full high school wrestling season.  When I was in high school, I wrestled 7 days a week and even quite a bit in the offseason and never had a pair of shoes last as long as my Gold Rulons.  I also wore them fairly frequently in college all four years of my career.  To this day they are in great condition. No holes. No blowouts. No signs of major wear.  I have yet to wear a pair of shoes that has a longer life than Rulons.

Because of the durability of these shoes, Asics still uses the sole on their Aggressor line 15+ years later.  They even feature Rulon on a pair of the Aggressors known as "Legends", which also feature Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, and Bruce Baumgartner

I have seen Rulon's that are BNIB go for over $800 on eBay.  Typically Rulons that are still in great shape, but worn, can go for $300 to $400+.  Not only are these shoes cool, but they are signature shoes for a wrestling legend  AND last a long time, which is why they can real in so much cash on the second-hand market.  Typically I see Gold Rulons be worth the most and Orange worth the least. The blue and red colorways are in the middle.

Where Can I Get Rulon Wrestling Shoes?

Rulons are tough to find, but they sold A TON of these shoes and they last for a long time so you can still find them pretty frequently on eBay and other bidding and selling sites.  I often have them pass through this site.  Personally I've owned 7 or 8 pairs of these shoes, but have always worn my Gold's.

If you're looking for a cheaper shoe that features the same sole, check out Asic Aggressors. I have a few pairs of these in my Asics collection and I can 100% give them my endorsement as a great shoe. There are Aggressors, Aggressor 2s, Aggressor 3s, and Aggressor 4s available, so you're sure to find a colorway you like if Rulon's aren't within budget!

Rulons in My Collection

Since building this site, I've only owned 2 pair of Rulons and the Legend Aggressors with Rulon on them.  The Gold's are in my personal collection and not for sale for any price.  I'll add more Rulons below as I get them in.

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